MMUF communities on individual campuses represent formative and vitalizing experiences for MMUF Fellows. We receive frequent inquiries from MMUF alumni arriving on our campus for graduate study who valued the role that graduate students played on their campuses and aim to give back.

Learn more about Graduate Student Repayment here.

If you are an MMUF alumni arriving to the UChicago campus, there are many ways to get involved with our MMUF community.

  • UChicago Mellon Fellows actively seek out MMUF alumni as informal mentors to build their constellation of mentoring relationships. Graduate student MMUF alumni are always welcome to join the UChicago Mellon community in this informal capacity.
  • During live-teaching/in-person conditions, we host biweekly seminars, social gatherings—lunches, receptions, an occasional dinner–and quarterly outings to which MMUF alumni are welcome.
  • Many MMUF Programs hire an MMUF alum to work with the Program Director during the academic year. We hire an undergraduate or graduate student as an administrative assistant and website master.
  • Paid opportunities for MMUF alumni to work for the UChicago MMUF Program lie in the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP), primarily as a research mentor. We also hire a community-building resident assistant when the SRTP operates as a residential program. Among our two credit-bearing courses, the social theory course that the SRTP offers is typically taught by a Ph.D. candidate. Occasionally, for a modest honorarium, we invite graduate students to lead workshops for one of the outings associated with the SRTP’s U.S. Social Histories program led by Elise LaRose.