Life As A Summer Scholar

Expectations and Requirements

The UChicago MMUF SRTP is a highly structured program, and participants are expected to participate fully in each course, workshop, & U.S. Social Histories outing. In the SRTP, you will be expected to complete an independent research project proposal and a critically annotated bibliography.

It is important to the success of the program that your commitment, behavior, and self-expression support the overall vision and goals of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and contributes toward the building of a rigorous community of scholars.

See the Apply page for more information.

Workshops & US Histories

Workshops are designed to give students insight into the multiple stages of academic life, such as:

  • Reading and Note-Taking Strategies
  • The Myth of “Taking Time Off:” Making the most of your years between undergrad and grad school
  • Graduate Student Panel: Graduate students discuss everything from funding, networks, politics, mentorship, and intellectual development
  • The Rewards & Challenges of a Life in the Academy
  • Start to Finish: From the Modest Beginnings to Publication of a Research Project
  • How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School