Life As A Summer Scholar

Expectations and Requirements

The UChicago MMUF SRTP is a highly structured program, and participants are expected to participate fully in each course, workshop, & U.S. Social Histories outing. In the SRTP, you will be expected to complete an independent research project proposal and a critically annotated bibliography.

It is important to the success of the program that your commitment, behavior, and self-expression supports the overall vision and goals of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and contributes toward the building of a rigorous community of scholars.

2022 SRTP Virtual “pre-programming” will begin meeting 1-2 times per week from June 1–June 7. During this lead up week, students will begin working individually with the assigned research preceptor and get to know the small research precept to which they have been assigned.

2022 SRTP is $500–see the Apply page for more information.

Workshops & US Histories

Workshops are designed to give students insight into the multiple stages of academic life, such as:

  • Reading and Note-Taking Strategies
  • The Myth of “Taking Time Off:” Making the most of your years between undergrad and grad school
  • Graduate Student Panel: Graduate students discuss everything from funding, networks, politics, mentorship, and intellectual development
  • The Rewards & Challenges of a Life in the Academy
  • Start to Finish: From the Modest Beginnings to Publication of a Research Project
  • How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School