Research & Community

After the first summer in the program, MMUF fellows are expected to establish working relationships with faculty and also enrich their research projects through coursework. Faculty mentoring relationships continue during the second summer of research and through the writing of a bachelor’s thesis. During the academic year, fellows are expected to meet twice a quarter with Elise LaRose, director of the program. Additionally, fellows attend workshops and other events sponsored by the program throughout the academic year.

During the academic year, MMUF students should meet with their faculty mentors at least twice per quarter. Over the course of an undergraduate’s tenure as an MMUF student (two years), we strongly recommend that students take a minimum of 2-3 courses with their faculty mentor(s). Where this is not possible, we encourage MMUF students to arrange for independent reading courses.

Faculty mentors, graduate students and alumni of the MMUF program are invited to participate in the social programming (lunches & dinners, occasional presentations and speakers) sponsored by the University of Chicago Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Program throughout the year.

Please note that all students in the UChicago MMUF program must complete a bachelor’s thesis, or the equivalent, in their majors. At the end of their senior years, fellows are expected to give a presentation of their research to their peers and to associated faculty.