Summer Research Development

Where possible, students meet weekly, or every other week, with their faculty mentors to discuss their research and to raise questions. Prior to beginning the program, students are asked to develop a reading list (approximately 20 books and articles), in consultation with their preceptors and mentors, relevant to their research projects.

During the summer a student spends in the MMUF Summer Research Training Institute, program instructors and graduate students meet frequently with the individual MMUF students. Program instructors and graduate students guide MMUF students in various ways:

  1. Similar to the way in which a supervised reading course might unfold, instructors and mentors introduce their assigned MMUF students to research methods and theories relevant to the students’ research interests.
  2. Mentors and instructors assist undergraduates in understanding readings relevant to their research projects by helping them to critically situate these readings within a history of thought–locating them on an “intellectual map” –appropriate to that student’s field of study.
  3. In consultation with research librarians and with the program preceptors, students are introduced to the wide variety of research tools available in the Regenstein and Crerar Libraries.
  4. Program instructors and graduate students guide and oversee the development of the MMUF student’s annotated bibliographies.
  5. Graduate students share their experiences and contribute to our collective effort to demystify the academy.