Apply to the Fellowship

  • Deadline: The deadline for submitting an application is APRIL 13.
  • U-Chicago Undergraduates' Application: Make sure that you are completing the right application. Do not complete the application for the Summer Research Training Program.

  • Concerning the MMUF -SRTP: If you are admitted to the MMUF, you are automatically admitted to the MMUF Summer Research Training Program (SRTP). Completing this program is an expectation of all U-Chicago students admitted to the MMUF.  You need not complete the application for the SRTP. (Elsewhere in this site you may have noticed a separate application for the SRTP. It is intended for already-admitted MMUF students from other schools.)
  • Please address any questions that you may have about the application to Elise LaRose. You are encouraged to make an appointment to meet by emailing her at:
  • Only University of Chicago second-year students, serious about pursuing a PhD in one of the MMUF-designated fields, should apply to this program. You must meet the eligibility criteria for this fellowship as stated in this website. Please consider these criteria carefully.

Please fill out the following contact information to continue on to the main MMUF application.

Please use your address.