Application Information

Who Can Apply to the MMUF-SRTP?

To apply to the UChicago MMUF-SRTP, you must already be admitted to the MMUF program at your home institution. Students applying from other MMUF programs, whether rising juniors or rising seniors, are welcome.

Note for UChicago Fellows: If you have been admitted already to the MMUF Program at UChicago, no additional application to the SRTP is required. More info here

To indicate interest and/or receive updates related to the application or the summer program, please do so via this form.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Rising Seniors: preferred, March 15 and final deadline, April 1
  • Rising Juniors: preferred, April 1, and final deadline, April 15

Please note that all applicants (via the Slideroom application) are required to have a faculty recommendation and a recommendation from a community member who can speak on the applicant’s leadership style (e.g dormitory director, religious community leader, or a community service organization director.)

If you have missed this deadline, please please contact us at, as we might have a few spots still open.

Can I do my “own” work in the MMUF-SRTP?

The quick answer to this is, “Yes & No.” No matter where you are in developing your research agenda, we will work with you individually to assist you in deepening and refining your project, and guide you in how to prepare a competitive application to PhD programs. However, please see the above section on Program Expectations and Responsibilities.


  •  A nine-week program, the cost of the SRTP is $1500/student.
  • What’s Included:
    • Housing, meal plan, & health insurance.
    • Students earn an official transcript for two UChicago credit-bearing courses, Writing for Research and Engaged Scholarship.

Notification of Admission:

Typically, within one month or less of application submission.

Ready to apply?

The link to apply is here. Please note the application will go live on December 1st.