Summer Program for Visiting Mellon Mays Fellows

Overview: A nine week residential program (June-August), the MMUF Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) at the University of Chicago prepares current Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows for graduate study and rigorous research .  A structured program, in the SRTP students complete courses in academic writing and social theory, are closely mentored by advanced graduate students and faculty, attend multiple workshops and make presentations at the Chicago Research Symposium.  Through the SRTP, students deepen their analytic and creative capacities, develop further their scholarly writing and presentation skills, explore research approaches and methodologies relevant to their areas of study, and experience a unique community living among others who share both a passion for ideas and research as well as common values and commitments. The  experience of community fostered by the SRTP takes its inspiration from the life and work of Benjamin Mays--alumnus of the University of Chicago and life-long civil rights activist--in whose honor the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship is named. 

Cost: The cost for participating in our program is $1500. (You should discuss this in advance with your MMUF Program Director, and arrange for your school to pay us for your participation. We do not accept personal checks.) 

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A Note for University of Chicago MMUF students: If you have been admitted already to the MMUF Program at UChicago, NO ADDITIONAL APPLICATION TO THE SRTP IS REQUIRED. However, as a UChicago MMUF student, you are required to participate in this program either in the summer preceding your junior year or your senior year. Completing this program as a rising junior is preferred, because students who complete the SRTP as rising juniors, typically they use their second summer in the MMUF Program to carry out independent research of greater depth and focus.  In the summer preceding the fourth-year, it is common for MMUF students to travel to other cities, libraries, universities and even other countries to carry out this research, building upon what they began in the SRTP while preparing for their required capstone projects, the bachelor's thesis. Since all University of Chicago MMUF students are required to complete a BA thesis or research project, we expect that you will parlay the research completed during your second summer as a Mellon-Mays Fellow into your senior projects. (Funds for research related expenses are available to UChicago MMUF students).

Please note that University of Chicago Mellon Fellows are expected to plan their summer of independent research in consultation with their faculty mentors, and with one of the MMUF Program Directors. 


1) The UChicago MMUF-SRTP is a highly structured program, and you will be expected to participate fully in all of our courses, workshops & U.S. Social Histories outings in the city of Chicago (once a week);

2) In this program, you will be guided and mentored in carrying out your own independent research project; however, in our Preceptor Program, you will be expected to complete a thoroughly researched project proposal or seminar paper, as well as critically annotated bibliography;

3) You will also be expected to complete weekly reading and writing assignments for two credit-bearing courses--Writing for Research and Engaged Scholarship (see course descriptions elsewhere in this site);

4) In most instances, we do not offer GRE Prep, and if we do, it will only be available to rising seniors; 

5) Your behavior and self-expression in this program should support the overall vision and goals of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and contribute toward the building of community of scholars. 

Who Can Apply to the MMUF-SRTP? To apply to the UChicago MMUF-SRTP, you must already be admitted to the MMUF program at your home institution. Students applying from other MMUF programs, whether rising juniors or rising seniors, are welcome. 

APPLICATION: Please access the application here. (It is now possible to open an application account within our site, save what you begin, and return to it. It is also now possible to send a link to your recommenders where they can upload their letters.)


Application Deadline for Seniors: By March 30. If you have missed the deadline, please contact us at  as we might have a few spots still open.

Faculty Recommendation Letter for Seniors should be posted by March 30, but we will accept them until April 10. From the application account that you set up in Slide Room, please send your letter writers a link where they can upload their letters.

Application Deadline for Juniors: By April 20.

Faculty Recommendation Letters for Juniors: No Recommendation Required, but if you want to send one, please do. We will read it.

Recommendations: Who Should Write Them?

Recommendations should come from your MMUF faculty mentor, or someone who holds a PhD and has taught you. Recommendations should be uploaded directly, and you should send a link to your recommender through your application file online. If you have any questions, please send these to the attention of the UChicago Program Staff at

TRANSCRIPT: Electronic upload through your application account is strongly preferred. However, if necessary, your transcript can be sent to


Seniors: By April 10, but likely sooner.

Juniors: By May 1, but likely sooner. We do our best to notify you as soon as possible.

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